A Closer Look At The Nike Lunarglide 8

This week we welcome the release of the Nike Lunarglide 8 running shoes, the next chapter of this series that has became one of the most emblematic for the brand over the years. In their quest for a better alternative for the EVA midsole that was used for decades by athletes, Nike came up in 2005 with the Lunarlon foam. In 2008 Nike Lunarglide was one of the first shoes to use this new midsole, followed in the following years that many other styles such as the LunarEpic, LunarTempo, Skyelux and LunarRacer, among many others. The brand’s goal was to give athletes a running shoe that will provide both unmatched cushioning and support.

The Nike Lunarglide 8 has a complete new look from its predecessor , with a whole new sole design and an upgraded upper. Its new silhouette remind us of the much simpler Roshe Runs while the sole is vey similar with the one from the recent released  Nike LunarEpic. The re-engineered one piece upper features a seamless mesh material that is breathable but also deliver a sock-like fit, with the help of the visible Flywire cables. The plastic support heel tab that we’ve seen on every version since the first model was replaced with an internal heel counter.

The sole of the Nike Lunarglide 8 review has been re-designed for an even better running experience. Traditionally built as a two part system, with a softer side for cuhioning and a harder one for stability, the Lunarlon is taking a new approach with this new model. Dynamic Support has been added to the mix while laser cuts make the midsole softer on the outer side. The lines on the midsole also replace the two tone design we’ve seen at the previous models, giving the shoe a sleeker, more modern look. The laser cuts also appear on the outsole, made of rubber with molded pods. The cuts on these pods are made in circles that engage in sequence with every step, adding traction but also better absorbing the impact in key pressure points.

Take Proper Care of Your Feet To Prevent Toenail Damage

It’s undeniable: Men really don’t care what their feet look like as long as all the working parts are functioning effectively. But women runners do care. Ugly, black toenails and other common foot afflictions that are so unsightly, bother women much more than guys.

Guy or gal, the feet take a beating when you run. Especially in the summer because your feet swell more in the heat. But in order to keep your feet and toe nail protectors for runners in working order and not so ugly that the world takes notice, you need to pay special attention to them.

Toenails are the worst. Over time, the toenails get pounded and thicken with running and can turn yellow or even black. Even worse, they can become infected and either fall off or have to be removed. Not a pretty picture. But it is a picture that is painted after marathons and long runs because of the abuse the toenails absorb.

6 Easy Post Run Hairstyles

I know I’m not the only one who prioritises that extra mile, stretch or coffee post run rather than spending that 10min getting ready. Luckily, going to uni it’s OK if I go straight from my workout to the lecture (I have nice friends who never judge me and still let me sit next to them), or looking like a bit of a slob. However, I know not everyone is able to do that, and I certainly can’t when I’m on my hospital placement next year.

So when Kérastase got in touch about their new Aura Botanica range I thought this could be a fun collaboration. As my hair skills currently only include four styles, I asked my amazing hairdresser Tim to teach me some styles that work on wet hair, greasy hair and quickly dried hair and make you look glam within 5 min.

I haven’t done a lot of beauty/hair stuff in the past, however with the wedding coming up in September and the fact that I’m nearly a year close to 30, I’m trying to take better care of my skin and easy hairstyles for running. I’m paying more attention to what I’m using on my body as well as what I’m eating and drinking – and not going to lie, so many of my friends always look so polished and put together that I’m jealous so putting a little more effort into my appearance outside of lycra!